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The Church Times, founded in 1863, has become the world's leading Anglican weekly newspaper. With a commitment to independent journalism, a lively comment section and in-depth features on faith, arts and culture, the Church Times is your window onto the church news that matters.

The Royal School of Church Music is the heart and home of church music. 

We are an educational charity committed to promoting the study, practice and improvement of music in Christian worship.


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Canterbury Press is a leading supplier of popular religious books. We publish a wide range of titles, covering liturgy, worship, mission, ministry, spirituality, biography, travel and even humour!

Church House Bookshop is the official bookshop of the Church of England. Your first stop for popular Christian books, resources and church supplies.

We make it easy for worshiping communities to obtain reprint permissions of copyrighted music for congregational use from an impressive list of Member Publishers. Following our three-step process—Download, Create, Report—you can easily provide your community with beautiful worship aids that will help to encourage participation.


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